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The O.G. Grittie


I am a military raised brat who made her way down to Georgia as a youngin...picked up a strong appreciation for my African heritage in college...creating the cultured southern woman I am today.

I am a mother of two awesome dudes,

an avid reader, tattoo addict &

wanna be photographer.

My super power is living OUTLOUD & making genuine long-lasting connections.

I started blogging about the importance

of sister circles in 2012 

& created products prompting that message.


Your biggest flex is to show up as YOU

and people feel that.


Abena "Grittie" Olugbala

A 19 year veteran in the education field, I began my career with a focus on pre-K age children and have expanded to K-12 education. Through out my profession I have held such titles as preschool director, educational consultant and program coordinator.

I hold a B.A in African American Studies/ Sociology and a M.S in Educational Policy studies with a concentration in cultural studies. I have had the pleasure of presenting at the Life Balance & Wellness Conference, Georgia State University, Spelman College and D.O.P.E. Conference At North Carolina A&T State University.

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